Uni Bayreuth: new master’s programme Biofabrication set to launch in autumn 2016

A 3D-printed ear based on spider silk – sounds like science fiction? Not at the University of Bayreuth. Researchers here are investigating the properties of spider silk.

“Spider silk has five times the tensile strength of steel yet is just as elastic as rubber. It is also biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and has been shown to help heal wounds,” explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel, Chair of Biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth. His team has been investigating the properties of spider silk for over ten years. “Spider silk can also contribute to technological progress in medical technology. For example, it is enabling entirely new methods of regenerating heart muscle tissue, skin tissue, and nerve tissue.”

What is biofabrication?

The University of Bayreuth is taking advantage of this development with its internationally oriented, English-taught master’s programme Biofabrication, set to start at the University of Bayreuth in Winter Semester 2016/17. Biofabrication – which can be considered as belonging to medical engineering – is an interdisciplinary engineering programme involving the areas of technology, chemistry, materials science, biology, and medicine.The master’s programme Biofabrication will thus prepare you for a demanding, ethically responsible career as an engineer working at the intersection of medicine and technology.

Practice-oriented with excellent career prospects

“On Bayreuth’s green campus, our students profit from the short distances between our highly modern Key Labs, for example those based at the Centre for Materials Science & Engineering or the newly established Bavarian Polymer Institute,” explained the programme coordinator. The master’s programme has a strong practical focus: an excellent network of partner universities and research institutions in Australia, Thailand, France, Spain, the US, and the Netherlands gives students the opportunity to gain international experience and prepare themselves for doctoral research or a demanding scientific career.

Talented master’s students also have excellent chances to pursue doctoral research at the University of Bayreuth in order to prepare themselves for an academic career. The University of Bayreuth Graduate School supports the University’s doctoral researchers across all subjects, both in their independent research and in their personal development.

Biofabrication – an emerging technology for manufacturing structures especially for biomedical applications – is a rapidly growing branch. The skills that are taught in the master’s programme are in demand in a variety of different career fields such as fundamental research in medicine or biomedicine (especially in medical engineering) or in developing medical implants. For this reason, Prof. Scheibel assures prospective applicants: “graduates of the programme Biofabrication will have outstanding career prospects!”

The new master’s programme Biofabrication at a glance:

• Requirements: a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering, Engineering Science, or an equivalent programme, a strong command of the English language, and a 13-week internship in the industry
• Language of instruction: English
• Programme Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel
• Aptitude assessment process – application deadline: 15 July 2016
• Start of the programme: Winter Semester 2016/17
• Standard period of study: 4 semester of full-time study
• Degree awarded: Master of Science (M.Sc.)


Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel
Programme Coordinator for Biofabrication
Chair of Biomaterials
University of Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30 / FAN D
95447 Bayreuth
phone: (+49) 921 / 55-7361


New programmes starting in Winter Semester 2016/17

The University of Bayreuth is adding five new programmes of study along with a new supplemental programme (with an elite certificate) to its 47 attractive master’s programmes. All of them have an international focus and are taught in English. And FYI: the programmes are tuition-free. Applications are now being accepted!

“On the one hand, we are hoping to attract talented students to Bayreuth to later serve as a base for recruiting our junior scholars. On the other hand, our new programmes are a response to the challenges of globalization and an increasingly international labour market,” University President Prof. Dr. Leible explained. “We also hope that developing our range of English-taught programmes will help ensure that we remain an attractive partner for international scholars and higher education institutions.”

An overview of the new programmes (in alphabetical order):

• Biofabrication (M.Sc.), Aptitude assessment process – Application deadline: 15 July 2016
• Development Studies (M.A.), Specific admission requirements – Please submit documents by 15 July 2016
• Environmental Chemistry (M.Sc.), Aptitude assessment process – Application deadline: 15 July 2016
• Environmental Geography (M.Sc.), Aptitude assessment process – Application deadline: 15 July 2016
• History & Economics (M.A.), Aptitude assessment – Application deadline: 15 July 2016
• Supplemental Programme Biological Physics (part of Elite Network of Bavaria), Selection process – Application deadline: 15 June or 15 August 2016

Information and programme flyers are available online:

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