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Hannover Clinical Trial Center (HCTC) and its long time business partner MedIQ Innovation Experts GmbH (MedIQ) have formed an affiliation with The Channel Group, LLC (TCG) in New York to provide access to advisory support around the globe.

Through the alliance the partners offer international clients a range of advisory and transactional services. HCTC and its partner MedIQ) provide premarket strategic analysis, clinical, regulatory and commercial development, market entry strategy, and management services to companies planning to enter the European market.

About HCTC

Hannover Clinical Trial Center, founded in 2005, is an academic Contract Research Organization dedicated to provide clinical trial management services and early product development support. HCTC combines the clinical expertise and academic leadership of Hannover Medical School, a premier German university hospital, with the full-service operational capabilities of a contract research organization. Special fields of expertise of HCTC are studies involving Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (gene and cell therapy), medical devices, and studies in the field of internal medicine. Currently, HCTC overseas more than 50 active clinical studies.

About MedIQ Innovation Experts
MedIQ is a strategy and innovation consulting firm for the German, European and Israel markets. The company specializes in supporting strategic vision, clinical validation, market assessment and development, for companies focused on approval and commercialization of biomed/lifescience products into the European market. MedIQ has formed an alliance network in Europe including opinion leaders, clinical research organizations as well as validated commercial distributors supporting its analytical services offering a single source of support for European market approval and commercialization.

About The Channel Group
The Channel Group, founded in 2002, provides strategic advisory support to the Biomedical and Life Sciences sectors that is focused on transaction and transitional activities. Having served as executive management in healthcare companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies, TCG partners bring an operational management perspective and significant scientific and clinical credentials to bear in delivering results-oriented strategic advisory and transactional support to its global clients.

About the Affiliation
The Channel Group, MedIQ Innovation experts and HCTC recognize that companies in the US and Europe require significant support in their desire to access markets in Europe and North America.

Many US healthcare companies choose Europe for initial commercialization (obtaining CE first) prior to US launch due to reduced time and costs to the market. Often they are lacking in critical pre- market intelligence to understand dynamics that might influence their clinical development plans and commercial strategy. These companies often require an experienced team to drive the process from clinical development to commercialization. MedIQ provides a single source of support with a successful track record of more than 10 successful product introductions. HCTC currently handles a large number of clinical trials and is frequently advising clinical researchers in terms of clinical trial feasibility, set-up, and management.

European companies seek to enter the world’s largest US healthcare market but often lack the ability to access the expertise and assets required to do so. They find it especially difficult due to associated costs and the significant range of expertise required. Often these companies seek local US partners to develop and manage their US business activities. The Channel Group provides operational management expertise, access to a wide range of support organizations and introduction to licensed capital resources to support market entry.

Please contact any of the alliance partners by email at the addresses below if you would like to learn more about how we can enhance your business.

Heiko von der Leyen, MD,
Jan Wende,
Robert Beckman,

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