Start-Up COLDPLASMATECH Offers Greatest Public Value

More than 150 guests attended the final round of the first EY Public Value Award for Start-Ups at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management yesterday, October 27, 2016. The company COLDPLASMATECH from Greifswald was crowned the winner and took home the first prize. The start-up Kiron Open Higher Education came in second while Sonovum AG was ranked third. The People’s Choice Award also went to Kiron Open Higher Education from Berlin. A total of seven finalists from a pool of 88 applicants pitched for one of the coveted prizes and the trophy, which was exclusively designed by artists from the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle.

The EY Public Value Award places the public value of entrepreneurship at the center of attention and wants to inspire entrepreneurs to reflect on their own contribution to social coexistence or – in other words – the common good. The award has been created to make these and other ideas more apparent and honor them. According to the judging panel of five experts from the economy, science and politics, the start-up which stands out in particular in this context is COLDPLASMATECH. „We are honoring a start-up which developed an innovative solution that can be applied by anyone to heal chronic wounds Therefore, the business fulfils an important task in society by improving the quality of life of those affected,“ says Markus T. Schweizer, who co-chaired the judging panel.

Public value as an ego booster for start-ups

Michael Bätz, Head of EY Saxony-Thuringia, emphasized, „Public value is not something which you can draw from statistics, business reports or balance sheets, but something which is felt in people’s heads, hearts and guts.“

Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt, who holds the Chair of Business Psychology & Leadership at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and co-chaired the jury, added, „Public value can also be an ego booster in the best possible sense for young entrepreneurs; it can help them to strengthen their own identity. It can be deeply satisfying to see yourself as a person that is tackling problems and pushing society forward.“

The EY Public Value Award was created earlier this year by Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt, Holder of the Dr. Arend Oetker Chair of Business Psychology and Leadership, as well as Justus von Grone, HHL graduate, serial entrepreneur and doctoral candidate at the University of St. Gallen. It is a joint project of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and the auditing and consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young). Markus T. Schweizer, Managing Partner at EY for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and a member of the panel of ten expert judges from the economy, science and politics, commented, „The contribution to the common good is an important pillar of our own stated mission – ‚Building a better working world‘ – at EY. The Public Value Award for Start-ups is one component for carrying this spirit forward into the companies.“ The winners of the first EY Public Value Award can look forward to trips to the EY Strategic Growth Forums in Palm Springs and Rome as well as to the German Valley Week 2017, a Growth Navigator session by EY and prizes sponsored by the City of Leipzig worth over EUR 500.

About the winners:


COLDPLASMATECH GmbH was founded in June 2015 as a spin-off of the Leib-niz In¬sti¬tu¬te for Plas¬ma Sci¬ence and Tech¬no¬lo¬gy and has been involved in an approval procedure for its innovative medical products (PlasmaPatch and PlasmaCube) since November 2015. After the approval in 2016, the start-up will launch the world’s first two-dimensional application of cold plasma to treat chronic and infected wounds; an active wound dressing. With its potentially disruptive product and approach, the team behind COLDPLASMATECH has already won several innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and business awards. The young company with its socially relevant technology emerged from an EXIST Research Transfer project (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and is based on several years‘ worth of research in the fields of plasma medicine, e.g. at Campus Plasmamed (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). Supported and sponsored by partners such as WACKER Chemie, DELL and numerous stakeholders from the health care industry, the young start-up is at the forefront of the latest plasma medicine.

Kiron Open Higher Education:

Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH is a social start-up with the mission of breaking down barriers to higher education. Our goal is to enable displaced persons to integrate into the labor market on an economic level as well as into society on a social level through higher education. The students complete the first two years of their academic program online and the remainder of their study time at one of our partner universities where they will obtain a regular accredited degree. In doing so, Kiron overcomes major access barriers and allows the students (1) to start studying without providing legal documents straight away, (2) to study free of charge, (3) to access large capacities by connecting online and offline study elements and use free study places in advanced years as well as (4) to complete an educational program mainly in English and receive support when learning English, German and other languages.


We specialize in ultrasound brain monitoring. With our newly developed acoustocerebrography (ACG) technology, we are the only company worldwide to be able to monitor minuscule changes in the cellular and molecular structure of the brain tissue non-invasively in acute settings as well as permanent monitoring settings. We are thus able to detect events previously undetected by traditional methods. Furthermore, ACG allows for the detection of critical events while they occur, as it monitors brain tissue continuously. This enables us to determine indicators for pathologic conditions that, so far, even specialists have been unable to discover. Clinical trials with our technology have shown, for example, that ACG is able to identify and classify strokes as well as pre-qualify white matter lesions (WML).

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management as a hotbed for entrepreneurs

With over 165 start-ups established by HHL alumni over the past 18 years, Germany’s top address for young managers has also developed into an incubator for company creation. The founders‘ entrepreneurial commitment has created more than 2,800 jobs already. In 2013 and 2014, HHL reached one of three first places for the best entrepreneurial universities in Germany in the Start-Up Radar ranking published by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Founders‘ Association of German Science) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BWMi). According to the Financial Times, HHL ranks first in Germany and fifth globally for its entrepreneurship focus within the M.Sc. and EMBA programs.

About Ernst & Young GmbH (EY)

Ernst & Young GmbH is a major auditing and consulting firm in Germany. EY is the German market leader in tax consulting. EY currently has about 8,900 employees in 21 locations and generated EUR 1.5 billion in revenue in the 2014/2015 business year. Together with 212,000 employees from the international EY organizations, EY serves clients all over the world.
EY offers an extensive service portfolio to major as well as medium-sized enterprises which includes auditing, tax counseling, legal advice, transaction advice, advisory services and real estate counseling. With its EY Start-Up Initiative, EY also actively supports young entrepreneurs and provides them with numerous networking and improvement opportunities. and

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