Schwarz Group to work more closely with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in the future

Schwarz Group is intensifying its cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) to develop applications for new technologies in the retail sector. It will be the first trading company to belong to a group of 29 shareholders who promote the research work of DFKI and the exchange on current topics and fields of application of Artificial Intelligence.

Schwarz Group, with its Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions, expects the research partnership with DFKI to provide a practical impetus for digitization. In the future, relevant research knowledge will flow even more quickly into innovations that improve operational processes and support the stationary retail business.

DFKI welcomes the fact that in the course of participation, experience from the retail sector can be incorporated more strongly into research activities. In this domain, a wide range of applications for key technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is conceivable.

Schwarz Group and DFKI have already developed successful joint projects in recent years, for example, in the field of speech assistance systems and robotics.

DFKI has been conducting research in the field of AI for over 30 years. Its shareholders include companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and BMW.

Press Contact:

Reinhard Karger, M.A.
Corporate Spokesperson
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Phone: +49 681 85775-5253
Mobile: +49 151 1567 4571

Henning Stegmayer
Head of Corporate Communications
Schwarz Dienstleistung KG
Phone: Telefon: +49 7132 30 78 75 45
Mobile: +49 1525 793 54 68

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