ScanBalt Strategy 2015 – 2018 published: Solving Societal Challenges on Top of Europe

The strategy aims to:
• make it easier for businesses to explore the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) as a market and development site
• promote shared use of knowledge and innovation structures and universities
• assist regions to gain economic development from BSR collaboration.

At the organisational level the strategy will enhance support and service to the members, continue decentralization, promote regional involvement and strengthen smart specialization.
ScanBalt promotes the development of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) as a globally competitive health and bio economy (Scan-Balt BioRegion). Since 2004 ScanBalt has attracted or assisted directly to attract more than seventeen (17) million Euros to coordinated activities applying to shared visions and values for the development of ScanBalt BioRegion. Many more projects have been launched within the member regions by support of ScanBalt.

About ScanBalt:
ScanBalt BioRegion is a macro-region within health and life sciences encompassing Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and north-western Russia.
ScanBalt BioRegion is home to more than 50 university hospitals and 60 universities with a health and life science focus incl. 25 with a focus on medical technology. In addition the region has more than 50 health care clusters and networks and 75 health care sector science parks.

Peter Frank
General Secretary
ScanBalt fmba
2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
tel: +45 2714 1078

German Liaison Office
Birgit Pscheidl
BioCon Valley GmbH
Walter-Rathenau-Strasse 49a,
17498 Greifswald, Germany
T: +49 3834 515 307

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