“Right-wing extremist attitudes in Germany go down, but…”

Detailed results will be presented at an especially held press conference in Berlin.

Time: June 4th 2014, 11am
Location: Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, Linienstr. 139, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Dear media representatives,

since 2002 the Leipzig team of Prof. Dr. Elmar Brähler and PD Dr. Oliver Decker has been investigating the prevalence and causes of right-wing extremist attitudes in Germany. For the well known “center”-studies biannual surveys are conducted. With the new publication, new data from the 2014 survey is presented and compared to findings of the last 12 years. Not only are trends visible for the prevalence of right-wing extremist attitudes, but also a drift towards discriminatory attitudes against Romany people, muslims and asylum seekers can be observed. Furthermore, the study contains findings on attitudes towards democracy and dictatorship. Socio-demographic differentiation gives additional insights on the prevalence of right-wing extremist attitudes.
Elmar Brähler, Oliver Decker and Johannes Kiess from the University of Leipzig will present the findings of the study. This year’s host of the first presentation and press conference is the nonprofit organization Amadeu Antonio Stiftung which works to strenghten civil society against racism and discrimination. The executive, Timo Reinfrank, will present the press conference.

After the press conference there will be a research report with statistical material as well as a executive summary available at the University of Leipzig’s homepage.

Tel.: +49 341 97-18802

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