Responsive and Resilient Health Systems to Meet Emerging Challenges

The WHS Regional Meeting attracted 600 participants on April 13–14 to the Kyoto International Conference Center. Several hundred students, faculty and local leaders attended a satellite symposium on April 17 at Fukushima Medical University. The focus on Fukushima stems from what is called the “triple disaster” of Fukushima in 2011: the earthquake, tsunami, and reactor meltdowns that continue to plague the region up to the present.

Three main topics permeated these meetings:

(1) Challenges in a rapidly ageing society,
(2) Preparedness for and resilience after disasters and
(3) Fostering new leadership in the global health community.

The spirit of these meetings will be carried forward to the next World Health Summit, to be held October 11–13, 2015, at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, Germany.

The M8 Alliance serves as an academic foundation for the World Health Summit. It is formed from 17 leading international universities and research centres. This year’s WHS Regional Meeting was sponsored by Kyoto University, a founding member of the M8 Alliance, and Fukushima Medical University.

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