RespiceSME Video Pitch Contest

Pitch your photonics business idea or product and get awarded with a professionally edited video to boost promotion amongst investors’ community and market leaders.
Photonics are all about vision and in this contest visionary ideas count.
This is how to participate: Present your idea or product in a short video of less than 5 minutes, upload it on YouTube (or any other video platform) and
send the link to by latest 31st October 2017.
RespiceSME seeks for participants such as students, start-up or Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a great idea or a product with high potential for exploitation and commercialisation.

A jury of photonics business experts will select the 3 most convincing videos based on the uniqueness of the idea they present, the added-value for dedicated business cases thus far and the potential for further exploitation.
The creative mind(s) behind the winning video will have the chance to work with a marketing agency to make a professionally edited video, to be used for promoting their innovative products to investors, business partners and customers. On top, they will get a free training on business development and innovation management, funded fully by the RespiceSME project.

For more information on how to participate in the RespiceSME Video Pitch Contest and the terms & conditions, please see the website .

Tabea Link
0721 93519 130
Samantha Michaux
0721 93519 123

The RespiceSME project aims to reinforce the innovative capacity of Europe’s photonics Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), clusters and national platforms by stimulating targeted collaborations in and beyond photonics. RespiceSME proposes new approaches for stronger innovative effectiveness using a 3-dimensional approach. In the first dimension, RespiceSME will evaluate and stimulate the innovation potential in order to strengthen the innovation capacity of high-tech photonics SMEs. In the second dimension, RespiceSME will enhance the global technological exploitation of photonics innovation capacity by analysing different value chains valuable for high-tech photonics SMEs. This will allow significant leveraging of non-photonic sectors such as Environment/ Energy, Transport and Manufacturing and thereby, enabling the penetration of new markets and/or new application areas close to markets. The third dimension focuses on creating a bridge over the ‘Valley of Death’ to increase the competitiveness of the European photonics sector by developing Best Practices for enabling photonics SMEs access European and regional Research Technology Organisations, harnessing educational and training programmes aligned with their specific needs, determining next generation regional innovative smart specialisation strategies and providing access to public and private financial supports.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum is coordinating the project. The ten project partners received 1,1 million funding for the project from the European Commission.

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