Research project of Jacobs University Bremen: More patient safety through better communication

According to studies, up to 72 percent of early childhood deaths and disabilities could be avoided if all participants communicated more effectively. Especially regarding chronically ill mothers, unsafe communication can lead to death during or after birth. Patient satisfaction and work satisfaction is also linked to secure communication between patients and hospital staff or within treatment teams. It is therefore an important prerequisite for successful treatment and quality assurance.

“Digital SACCIA”, as the project is called in short, aims to reduce the frequency of avoidable adverse incidents in gynaecology and obstetrics and to increase patient satisfaction. The English abbreviation “SACCIA” stands for Sufficiency, Accuracy, Clarity, Contextualization and Interpersonal Adaptation – five terms that describe a safe communication concept developed by Prof. Annegret Hannawa. Both clinical staff as well as the expectant or young mother and her companions are taught these skills as part of training sessions. The scientists are also developing an app that facilitates communication among all participants thus overcoming difficulties in everyday hospital life.

The project is funded for three years with approximately 1.9 million euros by the Innovation Fund under the funding code 01VSF18023. In addition to Jacobs University, the University Hospital in Frankfurt, the University Hospital in Ulm, the Patient Safety Action Alliance and the health insurance company ‘Techniker Krankenkasse’ are involved in this project.

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