Raising politicians’ awareness of animalfree testing methods

The Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing Europe (CAAT-Europe) was awarded the Lush-Prize for its “CAAT-Europe Policy Program”. This prize carries the highest prize money for animalfree testing methods. The independent scientific organization CAAT-Europe, which is located at the University of Konstanz, receives the prize for its proactive commitment to providing scientific information to the European Parliament in Brussels. Dr. François Busquet, who coordinates the scientific information activities of CAAT-Europe in Brussels, accepted the prize of € 50,000 on November 14, 2014 in London.

CAAT-Europe tasks itself with bringing together decision-makers from politics and industry with scientists to inform them on scientifically based alternatives to animal tests in product and safety testing. “We work independently from industry, politics and animal protection organizations and can therefore be an honest broker for well-founded scientific results and research activities. We endeavor to always be on the pulse of consumer safety,” explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartung, co-director of CAAT-Europe.

CAAT-Europe proactively approaches Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and offers conferences and workshops at the European Parliament. Since 2012, more than 100 meetings have taken place with MEPs on topics from the life sciences and ten workshops have been held. In 2013 CAAT-Europe was named official external advisor (STOA) of the European Parliament. “We are proud to have carried scientific animalfree testing methods to the level of the institutions of the European Union with our ‘policy program’ and to have built up CAAT-Europe at the University of Konstanz to a leading institution in this area in Europe,” underlines Prof. Dr. Marcel Leist, head of CAAT-Europe.

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