Professor Axel Ullrich honored with Israeli Wolf Prize

He laid the scientific basis for the development of several innovative cancer drugs. Herceptin is highly efficacious against metastatic breast cancer that is associated with a specific genetic abnormality in 25% of all the tumors. Another innovative cancer drug, developed on the basis of his research results, is Sunitinib which effectively fights kidney cancer and a rare form of gastrointestinal cancer (GIST). "Prof Ullrich belongs to a small number of basic scientists, whose work has impacted not only basic research, but also aided millions of patients suffering from diverse chronic diseases," states the International Jury of the Wolf Foundation.

The Wolf Prize was established in 1978 to honor scientists in six different disciplines. After the Nobel Prize, the Wolf Prize belongs to the most prestigious awards in natural sciences worldwide. On Mai 13, Prof. Ullrich will receive the award from President Shimon Peres in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.
(idw, 02/2010)

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