PRIMACYT GmbH wins Award at the Health Care Idea Contest of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

The project plans to intensify a crosslinking testing and screening system. The proposal combines multiple existing logistic chains to a complete workflow utilizing Primacyt’s proprietary quality assurance system under GLP conditions.

This technology enables further standardization of laboratory processes for in-vitro analytical research. Target research areas include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, reagents and cosmetics, allowing substantial avoidance of animal experiments.

As Dr. Dieter Runge, CEO of Primacyt commented: “The GLP – Business Incubator for services and products of participating partners will be expanded and made available to companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries through the distribution channels of Primacyt. For the first time, this standardized global process provides the possibility of internationally validated comparisons, preferentially when it comes to mission critical tasks, for example in allergy research or in pharmacology, wherever safety considerations are of highest importance. Primacyt is ready to support such research institutions.”

Primacyt is one of the seven approved German partner organizations of the Network for Alternatives to Animal Testing and for the appropriate method validation by the European Commission and the EU reference laboratory EURL ECVAM.

PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH (, with headquarters in Schwerin, is a leading company in the field of hepatocytes, fibroblasts and keratinocytes and related media and consumables. The company offers project research and development and SILAC media products also.

PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH ist member of BioCon Valley Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

Press contact:
PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH
Dieter Runge
Hagenower Str 73
D-19061 Schwerin, Germany
Tel: +49-385-3993-600
Mobile: +49-160-94 95 85 24
Fax: +49-385-3993-602

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