Point-of-Care Coagulation Analyzer

Optimized display menus and working sequences make testing easier. A new development is a test-strip eject button for safe disposal of used test strips. In addition, with a view to good correlation of results with other Siemens laboratory analyzers, the Xprecia Stride uses the same Dade® Innovin® reagent.

Point-of-care systems are diagnostic devices that physicians use to take measurements on-site, in other words, at their practice or at the patient’s bedside, instead of having to send blood samples to a central laboratory. Point-of-care coagulation analyzers have previously been quite cumbersome and required great care in getting drops of blood onto a test strip. This measurement is important for patients who are undergoing acute or chronic treatment with anticoagulant drugs for cardiac arrhythmias or because of a prior history of thrombosis.

Matching Measurement Standards
With this in mind, Siemens Healthcare developed a hand-held device that can be easily operated, making testing simpler and safer. The Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer System allows users to bring the device to the patient and directly apply a drop of blood to the tip of the test strip easily and efficiently. A dedicated button causes a used test strip to be ejected, thus minimizing the risk of accidental infections from blood.

Siemens has also developed a state-of-the-art graphic user interface that resembles the touch screens on Smartphones and tablet computers. In addition to improving the user interface and developing an intuitive menu guide, the developers also optimized the step-by-step measurement process flow to minimize the risk of error. A bar code scanner on the device makes it easy to identify patients, operators, and the lot number on test strips. Measurement data are transmitted to the computer via a USB interface. In addition, the Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer System measures the PT/INR value for blood coagulation.

Siemens developed the Xprecia Stride in cooperation with Universal Biosensors, a manufacturer of point-of-care diagnostic systems. It is now commercially available* in Europe and other areas where local registrations are complete.

*Under FDA review. Not available for sale in the USA and product availability may vary by country.

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