Phagocytes versus killer cells – A closer look into the tumour tissue

„It was already known that cancer patients that have many of these immune cells migrated into their tumour tissue have reduced survival rates”, says Sven Brandau, head of the Department of Experimental und Translational Research. „Therefore, experts suspected that those phagocytic cells, the so-called neutrophils, could inhibit the fight of the killer immune cells against cancer.“

Using advanced microscopy technologies and analyses, Brandau and his collaborators have now uncovered the interaction between the neutrophils and killer cells in tumour tissue. „We were able to show that the neutrophils actually touch the killer cells and prevent the killing of the cancer cells.“

In future investigations, the researchers at the UK Essen would like to block the entry of the phagocytes into the tumour tissue in order to develop novel immunotherapies against cancer.

Cooperation partners in the study were teams from dermatology and experimental immunology.

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