Now searchable by structure: Chemistry findings and patents published in 140 years since early 19th century

German InfoChem software company for chemoinformatics has applied advanced data minig technologies to the hole content of the first and oldest abstract journal in the field of chemistry, the German Chemisches Zentralblatt digitized by FIZ CHEMIE. The content covers research progress in pharmaceutical science and chemistry beginning from the early 19th century. The new Chemisches Zentralblatt Structure Database enables combined full-text, structure and substructure search throughout a dataset of approximately 900.000 page images with about 2 million abstracts. Researchers will be able to scan 140 years of scientific knowledge and patents published in the time period from 1830 to 1969.

Prof René Deplanque, head of FIZ CHEMIE explains why the old data are still relevant for research and development in industry and academia: "Chemisches Zentralblatt is not only a huge source of valuable findings in natural sciences still effective today. It is also a large pool of expired patents compiled into a collection by being published in the Chemisches Zentralblatt. To have a comprised patent information source is essential for prior art searches". ”Through the specific extraction and indexing of chemical names contained in the full text documents, a completely new access to highly relevant facts is established” adds Dr. Peter Löw, managing director of InfoChem GmbH. “Chemists think in structures and having the possibility to search for chemical substructdures and exact structures, we enable them to retrieve information that was hard to find up to now.”

Providing the information with the contemporary technology of a sophisticated chemical database allows for the advantages of modern retrieval. Chemical names used for searches are automatically extracted and converted into computer-readable structures. Thus non German-speaking scientists are able to carry out in-depth research in the German literature. The results can be displayed in detail with highlighted substructures. Hits are linked with the pdf file of the original document. The chemical names in search are also highlighted in the pdf.

The Chemisches Zentralblatt Structure Database is offered optionally as a web application or as an in-house system. The web application is hosted on the InfoChem server. Access is provided on a licence basis. By purchasing the in-house solution, customers get the database together with the original pdf files to integrate them into their company systems. Customized solutions are offered as packages.

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FIZ CHEMIE is a non-profit organization supported by the German federal and state governments with the primary task of providing those in science, education and industry with high-quality information services for general chemistry, chemical technology and related fields. The organization is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. FIZ CHEMIE maintains relationships with research and information institutes in Germany and abroad and has marketing agreements with partner organizations around the world. The technical information center is committed to the advancement and integration of technical information for chemistry at national and international levels. FIZ CHEMIE is an institute for the scientific infrastructure in the Leibniz Scientific Community (Leibnizgemeinschaft WGL)

About InfoChem
InfoChem GmbH, based in Munich, Germany, is a technological leader in structure and reaction handling and retrieval. Founded in 1989, InfoChem focuses on the production and marketing of new chemical information products, including structural and reaction databases, and the development of software tools required for these applications. The main software tools provided are the InfoChem Fast Search Engine (ICFSE), the InfoChem Chemistry Cartridge for Oracle (ICCARTRIDGE), the reaction center identification (ICMAP) and the widely used InfoChem reaction classification algorithm CLASSIFY. In addition, InfoChem distributes one of the largest structural and reaction files worldwide, currently containing 7 million organic and organometallic compounds and facts and 4 million reactions covering the chemical literature published since 1974 (SPRESI). InfoChem’s customers are large chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as small high-potential start-ups worldwide. Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg) has held a majority interest in InfoChem since 1991.

All statements in this press release which are not of a historical character refer to the future in the sense of U.S. security law. The predictive statements are assumptions which are based on the current state of information and consequently are subject to particular uncertainty factors. Events which actually occur can deviate considerably from those predicted due to many factors, for example as a result of changes in technology, product development or production, market acceptance, costs or prices for products of FIZ CHEMIE and dependence on alliances and partners, approval processes, competition, intellectual property or patent protection and copyrights.
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