NMI TT takes over global Zeptosens RPPA chip supply

ZeptoCHIPs are based on the Zeptosens planar waveguide technology first published for protein microarrays by Pawlak et al. in 2002. Dr. Michael Pawlak, co-founder of Zeptosens and first author of this pioneering paper, has implemented the Zeptosens technology at NMI TT Pharmaservices in 2004, and since then successfully applied and further developed it as part of Reverse Phase Protein Arrays (RPPA) for multiplex protein profiling. RPPA facilitate profiling of dozens to hundreds of proteins and post-translational modifications like phosphorylations in a high sample throughput. By yielding more sensitive, more robust and more multiplexed datasets than other approaches in the field, the Zeptosens RPPA technology is a well-validated platform for signaling protein and pathway mapping, drug mode-of-action, biomarker research and translational oncology in particular. Our RPPA capabilities are being offered to life scientists in pharma, biotech and academia on a fee-for-service basis, for preclinical samples, and, supported by a dedicated quality management system, also for samples from clinical studies. More details on NMI TT Pharmaservices and its comprehensive portfolio of protein profiling services are given at www.nmi-tt.de/pharmaservices
Professor Dr. Hugo Hämmerle, CEO of NMI TT, commented “In numerous service studies and collaborative projects we have seen the unparalleled power of the Zeptosens RPPA technology for yielding conclusive multiplex protein profiling datasets that added considerable value to the drug development projects of our international pharma customers and academic partners. By taking on the global supply business of ZeptoCHIPs, we aim to strengthen this commitment, and at the same time support the global RPPA community with a safe and seamless supply of high-quality microarray chips.”
RPPA-ready ZeptoCHIPs can be ordered from now on, with first deliveries starting in November 2017.

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