New Links with Department of Medical Technology Expand Options for Study

Sysmex GmbH of Norderstedt specializes in laboratory diagnostic testing and in future will provide modules on In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) for bachelors and masters students in biomedical engineering. “IVDs” refer to the laboratory analysis of tissue or fluid samples from the human body (in vitro being Latin for ‘in glass’). The company specializes in this field and has a global reach. This new collaboration will allow students to utilize the high-tech laboratory facilities in Norderstedt for studying, conducting research and preparing their graduation theses.
PROSYSTEM operates globally and focuses on consulting services in healthcare delivery. It belongs to the US-based NSF International family. Apart from services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, its activities include the testing, auditing and certification in the food, water and consumer goods industries. In future, students at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg will be able to study quality management and regulatory affairs at the front line and as part of “live” projects. Across Europe, medical devices are only cleared for sale if they comply with the highest safety standards. The journey from development to approval is highly complex and represents a scientific discipline that biomedical engineering students can only fully appreciate by close cooperation.
The signing ceremony was led in English by Faculty Dean, Professor Heinrich-Andreas Biesterfeld. He again reinforced the importance of the Life Science Faculty’s collaboration with specialist companies. Medical device expert and engineer Professor Dr. Bernd Keller committed himself to a new collaborative relationship with leading firms in the field of medical engineering and said: “In both agreements, there is a real focus on close cooperation with HAW Hamburg in the areas of teaching and research. This way, our students can be offered concrete possibilities through structured collaboration with the companies we have identified. We can therefore significantly advance our academic offering and greatly improve its profile. We are very pleased with this outcome.”
Medical Device technology is an industry of the future. It counts as one of the world’s greatest areas of growth. Key technologies such as image processing, computer-based communication techniques and minimally-invasive surgery are in the infancy of their market development. Disciplines such as physics, electronics, medicine, mechanics and mathematics are closely entwined when it comes to building medical devices. Likewise, students are also educated in human biology, with economic and legal questions being considered from a scientific perspective.

Business leader Alain Bavarel, President and CEO of Sysmex Germany GmbH: „Sysmex Europe GmbH, a leading company in the IVD business, is always looking for new talent to continue its 50-year success story. We recognise the need to accelerate our R&D and innovation potential if we are to retain our leading position and keep pace with our rapidly-changing environment. The new cooperation between Sysmex Europe GmbH and the Hamburg University of Applied Science provides a win-win situation. Students gain experience in real-life situations and Sysmex benefits from their creation of fresh, innovative ideas. In addition, the recent opening of the Sysmex Europe Research and Development Centre Europe (RDCE) presents new opportunities for both Sysmex and its cooperation partners, such as the Hamburg University of Applied Science. Combining Sysmex Europe’s experience with new ideas and young talent opens the door to new and exciting developments for all involved.“

Oliver Christ, CEO of PROSYSTEM GmbH added: “The cooperation enables us to advance our knowledge of the highly complex area of regulatory affairs. It is absolutely critical for the development of standards and the approval of new technologies. We cannot achieve this alone, and we are dependent upon cooperation between universities. Students benefit from our experience in consulting and other expertise, and we offer them regular internships within our organization. In this way, each side profits from the other. Signing the agreement today recognises the spiritual legacy left by HAW Hamburg’s Professor of Medical Technology, Dr Jürgen Stettin, who sadly passed away in 2017. He was the pioneer of this cooperation.



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