New Healthcare Services for Chronic Disease Sufferers

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Heidelberg, 30 August 2017

New Healthcare Services for Chronic Disease Sufferers
Summer school assists university graduates with business start-ups

Interested in founding your own company to offer new prevention and treatment options for those suffering from or at-risk of chronic disease? The European Summer School for Innovation in Chronic Disease Intervention (euVENTION) from 11 to 22 September 2017 at Heidelberg University will focus on that challenging endeavour. Start-up Management of Heidelberg University along with Heidelberg Startup Partners and a number of other institutions is organising the summer school, which is open to doctoral candidates as well as students and recent graduates of all disciplines. The programme is designed to help university graduates interested in founding a start-up to develop ideas and business models. It is one of the activities of the EIT Health consortium.

EIT Health is the Healthy Living and Active Ageing Knowledge and Innovation Community, selected by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) for support by the European Union. Founded in November 2014 with participation from Heidelberg University, EIT Health aims to improve the quality of life of EU citizens and the sustainability of healthcare systems. More than 130 companies, research institutes and universities from 14 countries in Europe pool their expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, research and startup activities. Through the end of 2020, EIT Health will provide support to research projects, business start-ups and education programmes. It focuses on developing and marketing intelligent products and services as well as training the young health experts of tomorrow.

The euVENTION programme will guide the nearly 40 participants through the product and service development process from beginning to end – from idea to business model to prototype. Coaching is provided by experts from various businesses and research institutions. Their knowledge, especially in the field of healthcare, ensures that the resulting products and services are truly patient-centric. Heidelberg University Hospital, Maastricht University, the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Aging, and SAP are conducting the European Summer School for Innovation in Chronic Disease Intervention. The summer school is also a Marsilius Academy of the Marsilius Kolleg of Heidelberg University.

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