MEDPILOT 3.0 – „All you need to know.“

Cologne. The new MEDPILOT went online on 1 February: With version 3.0, searching for and ordering medical literature will be easier. The information portal with integrated ordering facility provides doctors, scientists and students with a cross-database access to medical information. About 25 million documents are available in this way currently.

The portal is operated by the German National Library of Medicine (ZB MED). With its state-of-the-art technology, it is more powerful and more comfortable than its predecessor:
– Faster results by modern search engine technology
– Quality and ranking of search results are optimised by a technology based on semantic and computational linguistic principles, developed in a public-private partnership with the company Averbis
– Search is tolerant to different word forms, results include hits in other languages – without extra effort
– Easy sorting and refining of results, e.g. by clicking on related keywords.

The ZB MED is the Federal Republic of Germany’s central specialist library of medicine, health, nutrition, the environment, and agriculture. It is funded by the federal government and the federal states and is an independent, nonpartisan, public institution. Within the nearly 40 years of its existence it has become Europe’s largest library for medicine, health, nutrition, environment and agriculture. In addition to its classical literature supply tasks, the ZB MED is committed in various projects for development, indexing, dissemination and publication of electronic literature, primary data and research findings. The ZB MED is a member of the Leibniz Association.

German National Library of Medicine
ZB MED. Medicine. Health. Nutrition. Environment. Agriculture.
Dieter Schuh
Tel.: +49 (0)221 478-7113
e-mail: <>
(idw, 02/2010)

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