Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting goes social

The Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings, Mars, Incorporated, and Nature Publishing Group (NPG) are collaborating to make the 2010 meeting the most interactive ever. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and interactive websites from NPG are mobilised to enable young researchers throughout the world to participate in the meeting. Videos of conversations between Nobel Laureates and young researchers and a special Nature Outlook will be freely available to all, thanks to support from sponsors including Mars, Incorporated.

This year’s interdisciplinary meeting gathers an unprecedented number of Nobel Laureates, as 61 Nobel Laureates in physiology or medicine, physics and chemistry will meet with 650 young researchers from all continents. Panel discussions, lectures, seminars and social events facilitate interaction between Nobel Laureates and the scientific and academic elite of the future.

The run-up to the meeting begins with a Q&A forum on <>, launched today, where users can suggest and vote for questions they would like to be put to the Nobel Laureates attending the Lindau Meeting. A forum on Nature Network (<>) connects this year’s attendees with past attendees. Flickr competitions are up and running, and young researchers will post photos and video throughout the meeting. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube streams will also be fed into the site.

An international team of bloggers will report from the meeting. The blog roll is hosted by SciLogs (<>), the leading European science blogging service. SciLogs is part of Spektrum der Wissenschaft, the NPG company that publishes the German edition of Scientific American.

“The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting is delighted to expand its collaboration with Nature Publishing Group this year. Broadening the dialogue between young scientists and the Nobel Laureates attending the Lindau Meetings further develops the "Mission Education" of the Lindau Meetings," comments Professor Wolfgang Schuerer, Chairman of the Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance and Vice-President of the Council for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

“We at Nature Publishing Group are thrilled to be expanding our coverage of the Lindau Meetings this year. New initiatives in social media and the blogosphere as well as in the print journal Nature build on the success of the Nature Video Lindau films first produced in 2008,” said Dr David Swinbanks, Publishing Director, Nature Publishing Group.

NPG and the Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance will collaborate for the third year to produce films featuring one-on-one or small group discussions between individual Nobel Laureates and young scientists. Produced by Nature Video, the videos will be made freely available on <>, one of the world’s most popular scientific websites, and on YouTube.

“The Lindau Meetings provide a unique opportunity to be part of a genuine interaction between the world’s brightest scientific minds of today and the future,” said Pamela Mars. “Collaboration between the best scientists from academia, government and industry is key to enabling us to address the important opportunities and challenges associated with the sustainability of the Mars business. We are therefore very pleased to support Lindau and Nature Publishing Group in their efforts to fulfill the Lindau mission of education, inspiration and connection, not only for those attending the meeting, but also for scientists around the world.”
(idw, 06/2010)

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