ISO Certification and Start of the New Funding-Period

Quality at RCPE

The ISO certification is synonymous with quality. The internationally recognized standard demonstrates that all areas of the company focus on quality and customer orientation. „The ISO certification is a great recognition that now makes visible to the outside the high value and quality our company has. We thank all staff and employees who have proven throughout the certification process that our work is determined by quality „, stated the two managing directors, Johannes Khinast and Thomas Klein. The RCPE was praised as a best practice example by TÜV SÜD GmbH for its extraordinary quality awareness and its strong customer orientation.

Start of the new funding period

The timing of the certification is perfect. After 7 successful years, on June 30th, the first funding period of the Competence Centre RCPE ended, allowing a new era to begin with momentum. Having been granted funding for further eight years, the K1 Competence Centre RCPE enters the second round on July 1st.
The focus in the coming years lies in the development of personalized medicine, continuous production process and in the monitoring process. The trendsetter in the field of process and product optimization meets with his program the change of the pharmaceutical industry, where the trend is heading towards personalized medicine and the development of new drug delivery systems.

Successful summary

After 7 years, the research firm counts more than 130 partners, including more than 100 companies, among which are well-known names such as Abbott, Baxter, GSK, Hermes, Novartis, Merck or Pfizer. The RCPE helped to settle companies and spin-offs, thereby creating many jobs within the region. The company furthermore has a turnover of € 8.4 millions, holds several patents, supported the completion of more than 100 theses and dissertations, 300 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences; with 7 approved and 20 pending patents, the company also stands for extensive scientific output.

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