International sustainability experts attend Green Summit at the University of Liechtenstein

At the head of the agenda for the first day is the burning issue of foodstuffs, with two international bestselling authors contributing. Felix zu Löwenstein is the author of ‘FOOD Crash’ and an internationally acknowledged expert in ecological farming. He will be presenting his thesis that the wasteful use of foodstuffs, destruction of life’s natural infrastructure and widespread injustice are leading to the breakdown of the global system of nutrition. Author Greta Taubert describes, in her book ‘Apokalypse jetzt!’ [‘Apocalypse Now!’], an experiment using herself as a subject in which she tried to live for one year self-sufficiently. She will be sharing her experiences at the Green Summit. With every step she ventured out of the cycle of always wanting more, her fear of the uncertain dwindled, leaving room for something very much more valuable.

The productive urban landscape
In the second part of the programme, both international experts and local specialists will be discussing European perspectives for innovative planning. This will include contributions from initiatives like Solar Decathlon France and Kraftwerk 1 , as well as from Sheila Kennedy, Professor of the Practice of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tony Perreira, a professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, and architect and urbanist Eduard Balcells. Experts from the University of Liechtenstein like Anis Radzi, and others from the region, like Andi Götz of the House of Sustainability, will also be taking part.

Third theme: energy and building
To introduce the third part of the programme Professor Lorenz Reibling, a co-initiator of the Green Summit and its generous supporter for man years, will be speaking, followed by the managing directors of Taurus Investment Holdings, REHAU, BASF Bosch and Ecosmart. A team of municipal planning consultants under Matthew Ulterino will cast light on the magical web that is woven by distributive renewable energy, municipal planning and real estate development. The programme officially forms part of the Sustainable Energy Week of the European Union.

Time-honoured collaboration with the Zurich Climate Prize
To conclude the proceedings and mark the climax of the annual event, the winners of the Zurich Climate Prize 2014 will be introduced by Roland Betschart, Head of the Zurich Climate Prize of Zurich Schweiz . One of the winners, ‘ Cycle’, represented by its managing director Andreas Brändle, will present its winning project – a delivery and collection service for solar-powered reusable batteries, with the aim of avoiding special waste collections and encouraging the use of renewable forms of energy.

Green Summit 2015
Day 1, with international experts
Tuesday, 9 June 2015, 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
Vaduz, auditorium and foyer of the University of Liechtenstein
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