International Press Conference on Stemm Cells in Berlin/Invitation

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to either perpetuate themselves through self-renewal or differentiate towards specialized cell lineages. This remarkable dual capacity holds enormous potential in the study of developmental biology, the treatment of diseases and for the advancement of regenerative medicine. Therefore, nowadays we think of stem cells as the magic cure for the future, though we still know very little about stem cell biology.
This MDC conference is aimed at students and researchers interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms that regulate stem cells during embryonic development and diseases. The conference will attempt to cover the latest findings in stem cell biology, including genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of reprogramming, maintenance of pluripotency and differentiation. We will bring together scientists working on different types of stem cells, including embryonic stem cells, stem cells in adult organs and cancer stem cells.
Leading Scientist from all over the world will address these topics from a particular perspective, focusing on how lessons from developmental biology may guide toward biomedical applications of stem cells. In line with this, recent advances in the basic understanding of stem cells biology in various model systems and their relevance to mammalian systems and human diseases will be presented.

We have the pleasure to invite you to the
Press Conference on Monday, September 11, 11.30 p.m. in Berlin.

For further questions, please contact us:
Press Contact (fort his Conference only)
Kirchweg 3 B, D-14129 Berlin
Tel.: +49+30/803 96-86; Fax: -87

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