ICPerMed Workshop advances ‚Personalised Medicine‘

A treatment for a certain disease may work very well for one person, but poorly or not at all for another. The reason: every body reacts individually. Genetics, lifestyle, gender and age are just a few examples of the many individual factors that influence our health and possible disease outcomes. Health research is going to consider these individual requirements and needs more and more – by so-called personalised medicine. How to implement it for all citizens and patients was subject of an international workshop that took place on 5-6 November 2019 in the National Health School of the Spanish Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII). The Workshop was organized by the ICPerMed Secretariat which is coordinated by DLR Project Management Agency (DLR Projektträger, Germany) with partners from France (French National Funding Agency, ANR), Italy (Italian Ministry of Health) and Spain (Institute of Health Carlos III, ISCIII).

The ultimate goal of personalised medicine is for patients to benefit more quickly from medical therapies and products. Accordingly, the experts emphasized the importance of personalised medicine and discussed and developed solutions for the empowerment of citizens and a safe, fast and economic transfer of personalised medicine approaches into sustainable and effective health care systems.

The final plenary sessions were moderated by ICPerMed Chair Jan-Ingvar Jönsson (Swedish Research Council, Sweden), ICPerMed Vice-Chairs Astrid Vicente (National Institute Doctor Ricardo Jorge, Portugal) and Wolfgang Ballensiefen (DLR Projektträger, Germany). The overall message given was to build trust across all sectors by adequate involvement of all stakeholders and co-creation of interventions in personalised medicine.

While honouring the awardees of the ICPerMed ‚Best Practice in Personalised Medicine‘ Recognition 2019, ICPerMed opened the application phase for the ICPerMed Recognition 2020 to honour, encourage, promote and disseminate outstanding best practice examples in personalised medicine. The deadline for proposal submission is 23 January 2020. In addition, representatives of the ERA-Net Cofund ERA PerMed pre-announced their Joint Transnational Call 2020. ERA PerMed is closely linked to ICPerMed and will foster the implementation of the ICPerMed Action Plan by funding transnational research projects in the field of personalised medicine.

Lectures and video recordings of the workshop will be uploaded on the ICPerMed website within the upcoming weeks.

About ICPerMed and DLR Project Management Agency

ICPerMed provides a platform to initiate and support communication and exchange on personalised medicine research, funding and implementation. ICPerMed assembles over 40 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission. With the support of the ICPerMed Secretariat, the consortium works on coordinating and supporting research to develop approaches for personalised medicine. Thereby, the central aim of ICPerMed is to align and encourage joint efforts in personalised medicine research and implementation on a European and international level. The ICPerMed Secretariat is coordinated by DLR Project Management Agency (Germany) with partners from France, Italy and Spain.

DLR Project Management Agency specialises in services for the funding of research, education and innovation. As one of Germany’s largest project management agencies, it supports German state and federal ministries in implementing research funding programmes and operates on behalf of the European Commission, foundations and associations.

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