HHL Extends Suspension of Classroom Teaching Until May 4 — A Time for Responsible Leadership, Freedom and Trust

Events which are not related to instruction must be postponed; new online formats will have to be found for others. HHL is working at full speed in order to offer its HHL Campus Day scheduled for April 4 in virtual form. Almost all classes will be converted to online teaching. The first ones have already started very successfully.

„Of course, there are some initial difficulties to overcome in the transition process,“ says Prof. Stephan Stubner, Dean of HHL. „Technology providers are unable to deliver because of the enormous demand for digital solutions; members of staff are trying to master the double burden of childcare at home and new structures in remote working processes; lecturers convert their interactive classes into a format that works online.
Overall, however, the process of transitioning to digital media in the various departments and chairs is running much better than we expected after such a short amount of time. The students show high acceptance of the new procedures and are quite forgiving for anything that is currently not working as it should despite the high expectations.“

HHL had already closed its campus to students on Thursday morning and sent staff members off to work remotely wherever possible. The school also makes sure that the employees in administration who still have to be on site to keep critical functions running do not share offices. As an international university with approximately 750 students from 65 nations, HHL takes its duty to care for students, members of staff and society very seriously. Therefore, the school was not hesitant to decide in favor of extending the suspension of classroom teaching until May.

„It is our primary objective to train our students to become responsible, competent and flexible leaders. A crisis will show whether these values were just taught theoretically or if people really internalized and are able to implement them. This is a time of tremendous challenges as well as a time for freedom, trust and leniency. Leaders must give their employees freedom to reorganize themselves and walk unusual paths in these unprecedented times. We must trust one another to do our best in successfully combining health and safety, family and working life. And we need to be lenient with ourselves and others, understanding that nothing will run perfectly straight away. We can take away many things from this crisis which will prepare us for the working world in the future. Right now, there is enormous pressure to implement digitalization plans which could give not only HHL a positive boost.“

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