Green Summit 2015: day 2, with regional initiatives for sustainability

ross-border cooperation: initiatives from Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Based on the motto ‘Seeds for our Future’, initiatives from Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Switzerland will be showcasing their commitment to enhanced life quality and reduction of the ecological footprint of the region. Apart from the actual input of the participants, it is a further important objective to make the work of these initiatives better known beyond the borders of their originating country, and so facilitate mutual networking. An exchange of ideas and discussion with visitors, in hope of enabling them to apply the ideas in their own life situation, is deliberately being encouraged.

Part 1: production, consumption, advertising
The first part of this day of the congress focuses on the theme of ethics in advertising, nutrition, jewellery and clothing. Amongst others the German agency naturblau+++ will present its concept of value-oriented communication for companies, brands and advertising in the Lake Constance region, an approach in which economic, ecological and social aspects all have equal importance. Also the Ländle Gemüsekiste project from Vorarlberg will show how people with an interest in regional and responsible eating and local farmers can be brought together.

Part 2: building and innovation
Based on the fundamental principle of ‘Networking – Strengthening – Informing’, the Werkstatt Faire Zukunft from Liechtenstein sees itself as a platform for bringing together people who are committed to a sustainable future in the Alpine Rhine Valley region. At the Green Summit, Andi Götz will be presenting his concept of a House of Sustainability for the region. As a Best Practice example of the regional reduction of carbon emissions, the programme also features the LifeCycle Tower project in Dornbirn, which is open to visitors as a showroom and museum of sustainable solutions.

Part 3: social initiatives
The Swiss sustainability platform Lifefair Foren is attending the event, and will provide input on ethical raw materials. The idea of commonweal economics will be illustrated and explained by the initiative Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Konstanz . One highlight by which all participants will be challenged is the World Café of the Zukunftswerkstatt Liechtenstein , devoted to the topics of sustainable nutrition, industry and education.

Experiencing Best Practice
In the afternoon the programme offers two excursions in the local region. Participants can choose between an excursion to the Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park and an interactive hike from the university to the Coworking Space Vaduz.

Information about further initiatives, along with the complete programme for the day, may be found at

Green Summit 2015
Day 2, with regional initiatives
Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 08.30 am to 7.00 pm
Vaduz, Auditorium and Foyer of the University of Liechtenstein
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