“Food Protection and Convenience Trends and Innovations in Household Packaging”

Minden, 9. September 2014. The impact of the convenience trend on food safety and household packaging is to be discussed at the Cofresco Forum’s 9th Round Table on 27 November 2014 under the motto “Food Protection and Convenience Trends and Innovations in Household Packaging”. Lectures by experts on the subject will provide a comprehensive overview of research in this field. In addition, practical sessions – led by experts of the Campden BRI Institute – will give participants an opportunity to learn about various aspects and application possibilities of consumer research.

The trend towards convenience is unbroken. On the one hand, this means less time to plan and prepare meals: there are fewer family meals and a steady loss of cooking skills. At the same time, consumers expect higher food quality, are more adventurous in terms of cooking styles and ingredients, and put greater emphasis on fresh and healthy food.

What do these lifestyle changes mean for food safety and household packaging? What is the best way to protect food and ensure food safety? How is packaging design responding to the convenience trend? Are there new materials available that meet the requirements of the convenience trend at home? At the 9th Cofresco Forum Round Table at Campden BRI, UK, on 27 November 2014, these questions will be discussed together with a comprehensive overview of research in this field.

During the four practical sessions, Round Table participants will have the opportunity to test methods such as eye tracking and inclusive design, find out more about special packaging testing and receive tips on formulating clear re-heating instructions.

Participation in the Round Table is free. The registration deadline is 15 November 2014. Registration forms and further information on the Round Table are available at www.cofresco-forum.de.

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The Cofresco Forum
Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG founded the Cofresco Forum in 2001. The Forum’s activities are aimed at driving research in the field of household packaging. Over the past years, it has therefore promoted a variety of research projects. The topics ranged from “active packaging” to “modified atmosphere packaging” to eco-friendly packaging and alternative freshness processes. The Cofresco Forum also established a large network of scientific and business experts involved with the topics of packaging, fresh-keeping and preparation of food in the household. The Cofresco Forum was thus able to create an international platform for scientists and experts, and generated a large number of ideas and scientific approaches within a comparatively short space of time in the specialist field of packaging and household packaging.

Partner of this year’s Round Table:

Campden BRI
Campden BRI is the UK’s largest independent membership-based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide. It is committed to providing industry with the research, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation. The R&D programme reflects needs identified by industrial members and provides a constantly renewable knowledge base for technology transfer. A continuous programme of investment ensures leading-edge processing and analytical facilities for research and contract work. Campden BRI maintains close working relationships with industry through frequent meetings with its thirteen member interest groups.

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