First Mercator-Fellow of the DFG for Radiology

The DFG-project “Fractal Analysis” was proposed by Prof. Dr. Marc Dewey and Dr. Florian Michallek from the department of Radiology at Charité. The researchers want to develop a method to examine the causes of chronic ischaemic heart disease in a better and non-invasive way. They investigate if fractal analysis is a comprehensive perfusion analysis method (Figure 1). “We are looking forward to the scientific contribution of Kakuya to this project as he is one of the most renown experts on multimodality myocardial perfusion imaging worldwide.” says Prof. Dewey and Dr. Michallek explains “The Mercator-Fellowship Programme allows on the one hand to involve the distinguished expertise of Prof. Kitagawa for the project and on the other hand to synthesise a highly interesting and multi-centric dataset.”


The first visit of Mercator-Fellow Kitagawa at the institute is currently taking place (Figure 2). “It is a unique opportunity for me to be spending a total of three months with leading researchers in their field”, Kakuya Kitagawa reports. Further visits are planned for summer 2019, as well as 2020 and 2021. Each of them will take two to three weeks. The research project is running since 1st October 2018.

The objective of the Mercator-Fellowship is to enable intensive and long-term exchange between German and international researchers. The idea is to bring additional expertise to the project and increase its visibility.

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