First joint booth at CMEF: IVAM supports medical technology suppliers entering the Chinese market

Each year, the CMEF brings together around 4,200 medical device manufacturers from over 28 countries and approximately 120,000 visitors and buyers from more than 100 nations for trading and exchange. From 14th to 17th May 2019, high-tech companies from Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA will be presenting their products and services together with IVAM.

Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH supplies technology for medical and laboratory automation that meets the increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed and cost savings. In the components area, the company manufactures linear encoders, linear motors, motion control and readout systems. The Microfluidics division includes custom micro and nano patterns and Structures in Glass, Electrode Integration, Waveguides, and Structured Functionalization for Life Science Applications.

Electromag SA specializes in the development and production of custom brushless DC motors, offering up to 12mm small 200W motors, ideal for high speed applications that demand the highest level of reliability and smoothness. Electromag works with leading manufacturers of blowers and fans Ventilation systems (sleep apnea, intensive ventilation, respiratory therapy), as well as implantology and endodontics handpieces together.

At the fair, Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM will present a microfluidic platform system for the rapid detection of the virological infection status. A fully automated system uses augmented reality to isolate circulating tumor cells from whole blood. In addition, rigid and flexible multichannel microelectrode arrays for neuronal signal acquisition and stimulation, as well as a silicon-based 3D force sensor, e.g. B. to equip arm prostheses with tactile sensation shown.

IMT Masken und Teilungen AG designs and manufactures large quantities of consumables, customized microfluidic devices, optical components and sensors in glass and quartz. At the fair, the company presents structured metallic and dielectric coatings, etching channels and nano patterns and the integration of on-chip electrodes, waveguides, optical filters and structured biocompatible materials.

Jenoptik AG offers OEM system and application solutions, i.e. for NextGen DNA analysis, point-of-care blood glucose monitoring, digital pathology and bio imaging applications. The solutions include laser sources for ophthalmology, glaucoma and retinal disease and dermatological treatments such as hair, tattoo and pigment spot removal. Jenoptik bundles technological core competencies from laser and LED beam sources via optics, sensors and camera systems to digital image processing and system integration into OEM systems and products.

micrometal GmbH is one of the etching specialists for industrial production of high-precision metal components. The etching processes permit extremely thin metals in very high quantities. The manufactured components are used for lancets, microsurgical instruments and more.

Minitubes S.A. from France offers custom precision metal tubes and components in more than 100 different alloys including implantable stainless steels, nickel titanium, tantalum and Precious metals with an outer diameter of 0.1 to 30 mm. These are thin walls, narrow Tolerances and smooth surfaces specialties. The products are sold in stents, Endoscopes, IVD pipetting needles, surgical instruments, catheters, electrodes, etc. used. The company has its own pipe and component production.

Multiphoton Optics GmbH will be presenting LithoProf3D, a structuring platform for high-precision 3D printing. The product is suitable for applications in the fields of optics / photonics, life sciences, biomedicine, mask production and others. The company also shows the accompanying software LithoStream3D for operating the system and LithoSoft3D as a „Slicer“.

SmartMembranes GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of porous high-grade alumina and silicon materials with defined membrane properties and structural parameters. The products are used in filtration, sensors and diagnostics, for example “biochips”. By means of additional surface functionalization, they are used as microreactors or electrode material (Li-ion batteries) or for surface structuring by embossing.

Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of compliant Parylene coatings and technologies for medical device technology. Ultrathin, non-porous SCS Parylene coatings are biocompatible and bio stable, making them ideal as a moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier for sensitive components in a wide range of industries.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH is a worldwide manufacturer of clad metals. During plating, at least two different metallic strips are cold-rolled into a composite material and the functions of the respective metal are combined. Nickel plated materials increase corrosion resistance and are weldable. Precision etched parts, nickel strips, stamped parts and much more are part of the Wickeder Group’s portfolio.

The IVAM Microtechnology Network supports companies and institutes from all over the world as an international high-tech network. One of the key tasks of the association is to create synergies and to support its members in sharing knowledge, collaborative projects, and building relationships with each other and potential customers. Through targeted technology marketing, IVAM accelerates the implementation of innovative ideas into marketable products. At the CMEF lecture forum on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, IVAM will present a focus session on „High-tech for Medical Devices“ at booth 6.1T50.

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