First international Conference on Family and Childhood Sciences on February 13th and 14th, 2017

After an intensive interdisciplinary exchange on national level in 2015 it is now time to discuss current topics and themes concerning family and childhood internationally. Only enhancing the interdisciplinary and international perspective will do justice to the increasing complexity, intercultural and international dimensions of childhood and family.

Renowned scientists and experts of family and childhood accepted our call to share their expertise (e.g. Oliver Arránz-Becker, MLU Halle-Wittenberg; Roland Fankhauser, Center for Family Science, Basel; Katia Paz Goldfarb, Montclair University, New Jersey; Cornelia Koppetsch, TU Darmstadt; Wolfgang Mazal, Austrian Institute for Family Studies, Wien; Iris Nentwig-Gesemann, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin; Niamh Stack und Margaret Sutherland, University of Glasgow).

More detailed information (german):
The programme (german):

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