First CARPE publication now available

The Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE) aims to establish a strong European reputation, which is necessary to strengthen strategic partnerships and the economic development in Europe.

„Hopefully this publication provides valuable information to be used in joint projects. With active participation in the projects funded by the European Union and other funding bodies, the future of the CARPE network will be fruitful“, comments Dr. Juha Kettunen, rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences.

More than a hundred papers were submitted for the conference, which deepened the collaboration between management, researchers, teachers and other staff. The conference also included the signing ceremony of the general cooperation agreement.

„One of the main aims of the conference was to meet colleagues from partner universities face-to-face. The published material produced by those meetings is a natural follow-up, which promotes even deeper collaboration and communication now that we are better aware of each other’s strengths“, adds Dr. Ursula Hyrkkänen, one of the co-editors of the publication.

The conference included comprehensive and topical interest areas which were shared among the CARPE universities of applied sciences. The publication follows the structure of the conference and presents selected articles from the following tracks: sustainability, entrepreneurship, social innovations, health care, creative engineering and applied arts.

About CARPE: It is a European strategic network aiming at joint applied research and development as well as pedagogical development in the fields of professional education. The current members of the network are HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic University of Valencia and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, but the Utrecht conference was also attended by staff members from the Manchester Metropolitan University, which is joining the network in the near future.
Applied Research and Professional Education – Proceedings from the first CARPE networking conference in Utrecht on 2–4 November 2011 was edited by Juha Kettunen, Ursula Hyrkkänen & Anttoni Lehto.

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