FAU’s Open Research Challenge 2017 has begun

Titled IMAGINE (Innovative Medical Application on Gait using Intelligent Engineering), the challenge asks researchers to submit a walking-visualization-tool of gait sequences based on given inertial sensor-based gait recordings acquired using intelligent engineering technology developed at FAU. The innovative visualization tool should help medical experts to get a visual impression of the gait impairments experienced by their patients – not only during ambulatory visits to the hospital but also during everyday life in the patients’ home environment.

The winners of the challenge are invited to an all-expense-paid one-week trip to Germany to showcase their innovative solution and meet the professors behind the challenge in October 2017. For more information as well as the rules of the challenge and the submission requirements, please visit our website: https://openresearchchallenge.org/.

About the Open Research Challenge
The “Open Research Challenge” intends to boost interest in German research, but also to enable international researchers to collaborate with their FAU colleagues and international partners in their fields of interest. With this competition specifically designed for ambitious young academics, the FAU also wanted to stress innovation and creativity, the key properties of successful researchers.

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