European Master’s: University of Hohenheim Launches Unique Degree Program „Food Systems“

Studies in three countries, with innovative teaching and exciting career prospects: The new „Food Systems“ Master’s program at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart will start in the winter semester. The degree program is a cooperative project by six European universities with contributions from the top companies in the food sector. Each university accepts only 15 students per year, and these students complete segments of the program at three member universities during the course of their studies. The program will start in the winter semester 2019/2020. Information about the program and application procedure can be obtained at the information event on 25 April in Hohenheim or at

„In the Food Systems Master’s program, students acquire expert knowledge in all areas of the food system,“ explained Prof. Dr. Jochen Weiss, degree program director. “An entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation with industrial partners help to provide a great deal of practical knowledge and a profile that is extremely sought after in the nutrition sector.“

A top education with the best contacts is guaranteed. This is because Europe’s leading names in research and industry in the food sector are involved in the „Food Systems“ degree program: the project is sponsored by EIT Food, one of the European Union’s knowledge & innovation communities. The EU supports the 180 university places at six universities with 2.4 million euros annually.

Selection procedure with interview

Those interested should have a Bachelor’s degree, good English skills and, above all, a desire to travel and an entrepreneurial spirit, Prof. Dr. Weiss continued. „Since we only allocate 15 places a year, in the selection interviews we make sure that the applicant’s personal profile matches the program perfectly.“

Thanks to the support from the EU, when applying for a university place, applicants can also apply for a scholarship to cover the costs of around €9000 per year, degree program coordinator Andreas Glombitza-Cevey stated. All they need to do is make an additional checkmark in the application. „The EU has a sufficient number of scholarships available for the start of the new program.”

Change universities three times across Europe

„Students complete the second and third semesters at different universities,“ explained Glombitza-Cevey. “During the first and last semester they study at the university where they applied. That is also where they write their Master’s thesis.“

There are predefined paths for changing the University: „In the second semester, anyone who starts in Hohenheim has the choice between the University of Reading and the University of Belfast. In the third semester they will continue to either Madrid or Warsaw.“ The Hohenheim students can choose from among a total of three paths.

Students not only get to know three cities and universities, but also three different areas of study. „Each university formulates a specific track,“ stated Glombitza-Cevey. „That is, a package of modules on a certain topic.“ The Hohenheim track is entitled „AgriFood Science and Engineering“.

„It is a combination of agricultural and food sciences with a technical focus,“ said Prof. Dr. Weiss. „As a top university in agriculture and nutrition, we have noticed that students are often interested in both subjects. However, there are only a few degree programs that make targeted use of the commonalities between the two sciences and link them with one another.“

Well-networked in every respect

The change of location, but also the cooperation with project partners, enables students to gather expertise and make important contacts for the future, says Glombitza-Cevey. „In addition, each semester students take part in an module that involves students from all the cohorts, for example a summer school. This means they get to know fellow students who are already further in their studies.“

Innovative teaching methods, such as eLearning courses, also promote networking among students. „Our students should use the Master’s to network,“ stated Andreas Glombitza-Cevey. „On the one hand, of course, with the private sector and other universities, but also with each other.“

Overview of participating universities

> University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart
> University of Reading (England)
> University of Warsaw (Poland)
> University of Torino (Italy)
> Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)
> Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Informational event

The informational event for prospective students will take place on Thursday, 25 April at 11:15 a.m. in the Katharinasaal (Euro-Forum), Kirchnerstraße 3, 70599 Stuttgart. Registration can be done at:

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