EU is funding aquaculture research – again BioCon Valley® succeeds in Interreg program

Optimized on-shore fish farms are expected to help meeting the growing demand for fish and fish products in the region using environmentally sound production techniques.
“The success of the Inno AquaTech project proposal is reassuring the strategy of BioCon Valley to give impulses to health economy and to support innovation in the region”, says Lars Bauer, CEO of BioCon Valley® GmbH. The project will be coordinated by BioCon Valley. “15 years of close international cooperation in the Baltic Sea region are paying off. We are learning from each other and are strengthening the economic and environmentally friendly development in the region”, adds Dr. Heinrich Cuypers, responsible project manager at BioCon Valley.
About InnoAquaTech: the overall project goal lies in strengthening the economic utilization of environmentally friendly fish breeding methods in the South Baltic region. By comparing and evaluating different production techniques for fish breeding (innovative and sustainable aquaculture technologies) in the partner countries Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany those techniques can be identified that optimally suit the respective locations in respect to profitability and eco friendliness. Cross-border knowledge transfer will be improved and made accessible to small and medium-sized companies.
BioCon Valley® GmbH is the partner for life science and health economy of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which is aiming at becoming Germany’s #1 health region. As central contact point and service provider BioCon Valley is supporting stakeholders in the industries and is contributing its share to sharpen the economic and scientific profile of the region. BioCon Valley® GmbH is active in network management and industry monitoring, project initiation and management, internationalization and marketing of the health economy on behalf of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. BioCon Valley® maintains offices in Greifswald and Rostock.
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