Erstes Internationales EHEC-HUS-Symposium am 09.09.2011 im Estrel Convention Center, Berlin

Scientific Programme
Wissenschaftliches Programm

1.00 pm Opening remarks: Reinhard Brunkhorst

Chair: Hermann Haller and Ulf Panzer
1.10 pm Characterisation and diagnosis of EHEC O104:H4
Helge Karch, Münster
1.40 pm Epidemic profile of shiga-toxin-producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 outbreak in Germany
Gérard Krause, Berlin
2.10 pm Renal histology in EHEC O104:H4 / HUS
Udo Helmchen, Hamburg
2.40 pm ECULIZUMAB in HUS: Scientific background and case reports
Rolf A. K. Stahl, Hamburg

3.10 pm Break

Chair: Franz Schaefer and Reinhard Brunkhorst
3.40pm Neurological findings in HUS caused by EHEC O104:H4
Karin Weissenborn, Hannover
4.10 pm Protein A immunoadsorption in severe HUS
Sylvia Stracke, Greifswald
4.40 pm Antibiotics in EHEC: First-line treatment or rescue medicine?
Winfried Kern, Freiburg
5.10 pm First analysis of the German EHEC 0104:H4/HUS registry 2011
Jan T. Kielstein, Hannover

Future treatment strategies:
5.40 pm Characterisation of a new shiga-toxin antibody
Didier Reymond, Dorval
6.10 pm Immunoadsorption of complement and shiga-toxin
Beate Jaeger, Mönchengladbach

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