Erasmus Entrepreneur Studies Tech Transfer in German Life Science Cluster BioCon Valley

„At the end of my stay I will establish my own company in Krakow to help the many entrepreneurs starting their own business „, so Rafal Bill. „We see a lot of good ideas and promising innovations at home in Poland. Now we need to learn how to use this potential better.“ The stay of the young entrepreneur is funded by the EU program Erasmus Entrepreneurs, the European exchange program for young entrepreneurs. This transnational program allows young entrepreneurs to learn best practices from experienced business managers from another EU country. „We are pleased to see the interest from other countries on our experiences in the Neoplas GmbH and Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology to establish companies “, says Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz, CEO of Neoplas GmbH, who is the mentor of Rafal Bill.

The contact was realised by the cooperation of BioCon Valley in ScanBalt, the network of BioRegions in the Baltic Sea Region. „Since more than 10 years we cooperate with our colleagues from Life Science Klaster Krakow in ScanBalt and could cooperate successfully in a lot of EU funded projects “, says Dr. Heinrich Cuypers, senior project manager of BioCon Valley.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. The exchange of experience takes place during a stay with the experienced entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur acquire the skills needed to run a small firm. The host benefits from fresh perspectives on his/her business and gets the opportunities to cooperate with foreign partners or learn about new markets. The stay is partially funded by the European Union.

Rafał Bill
Kraków Miastem Startupów
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Dr. Carsten C. Mahrenholz, MBA | CEO
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BioCon Valley GmbH
Dr. Heinrich Cuypers
Life Science
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