Direct sales of the reaction databases CIRX and SPORE brings FIZ CHEMIE closer to customers

As of June 1, of this year, FIZ CHEMIE will market its technical databases, the ChemInform Reaction Library (CIRX) and Solid Phase Organic Reactions (SPORE), directly. The databases use highly sophisticated software to provide organic reactions selected especially for synthetic chemists by an editorial team of specialists from the 100 leading professional journals. Tens of thousands of reactions from both databases can now be searched in seconds for suitable methods and reactions with just one query to aid planning the syntheses of new molecules. Researchers use the databases particularly for development of new pharmaceuticals, but also for other compounds such as dyes or crop protection agents. A unique aspect of the FIZ CHEMIE reaction databases is the reaction schemes provided with each of the individual reactions found. They show the individual reactions in the context of the original work, enabling scientists working synthetically to estimate quickly whether the reaction found can be applied for their development plans.

FIZ CHEMIE sees direct sales as an opportunity to improve its offerings further: “We want to leverage the direct contact with our customers and prospects to develop our technical information services in a way that better meets the needs of the market,” explained Ulrike Schramke, product manager for ChemInform at FIZ CHEMIE. FIZ CHEMIE is currently devoting its efforts to a new online user interface for CIRX and SPORE. “We ask that our customers and others interested in these products share their wishes and suggestions regarding the content and retrieval system. We hope that many of our visitors at ACHEMA will take the opportunity to discuss these aspects with us.”

FIZ CHEMIE will exhibit at ACHEMA from June 18 to 22 in Frankfurt am Main in Hall 9.2 at Stand B43 shared with its partners, the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) of Hanover and WTI Frankfurt. Current products for computerized information services for chemistry and technology will be shown in an unusual, entertaining presentation designed as a quiz.

The CIRX and SPORE reaction databases can be searched with drawn structures or substructures. However, bibliographic information (author, publication and year), reaction types or experimental conditions (reagents, catalysts, temperature, yield, enantiomeric excess values, etc.) can also be used in the search. The source of the reaction schemes in the CIRX database is the weekly ChemInform journal. Each week, this publication provides around 300 abstracts of selected articles in the fields of organic, organometallic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The FIZ CHEMIE web site offers a free sample issue of the ChemInform Journal as well as a new “Editors’ Choice” article for download each week. The ChemInform Journal is available from the publisher Wiley-VCH. CIRX provides about 1.5 million reactions published since 1990 in professional scientific journals, and the SPORE database contains about 47,000 reactions from 7,000 publications for planning synthetic pathways using polymer-bound organic compounds. The reaction schemes for these databases are produced separately.

Starting in June, the previous marketing partner of FIZ CHEMIE, Accelrys, located in San Diego, California, will no longer be reselling the FIZ-owned reaction databases ChemInform (CIRX) and Solid Phase Organic Reactions (SPORE). Going forward FIZ CHEMIE will offer CIRX and SPORE directly to customers for in-house use with the Accelrys applications ISIS and Isentris.

For further information, please contact:
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Ulrike Schramke
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FIZ CHEMIE is a non-profit organization supported by the German federal and state governments with the primary task of providing those in science, education and industry with high-quality information services for general chemistry, chemical technology and related fields. FIZ CHEMIE maintains relationships with research and information institutes in Germany and abroad and has marketing agreements with partner organizations around the world. The technical information center is committed to the advancement and integration of technical information for chemistry at national and international levels. FIZ CHEMIE is an institute for the scientific infrastructure in the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Science Association (WGL).

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