Components for digitalization: COMPAMED 2019 successfully brought component and device manufacturers together

This could also be seen at the largest joint booth of the fair, the Product Market by the IVAM Microtechnology Network. On an area of more than 700 m², 55 international exhibitors presented miniaturized components, high-tech microelectronics, intelligent sensors for smart applications, 3D printing, RFID technologies, high-precision tool coatings and functional coatings as well as microfluidic processes that enable improved diagnostics.

Demand of more powerful and digitalized solutions

The topic of digitalizing medical devices and processes remains highly topical. Especially in the field of mobile diagnostics, mobile therapy devices and laboratory equipment, ever more powerful and digitalized solutions are needed. Miniaturized components and processes that enable ultra-precise manufacturing are a decisive factor for portable and connected devices that monitor vital parameters or medication and transmit and evaluate data.

Microfluidics enable innovative rapid tests

Another trend topic on the product market was microfluidics, which will enable faster and more precise diagnostics and personalized medication in the future. In just a few years, this technology could, for example, allow uncomplicated rapid tests for the early detection of serious diseases such as certain types of cancer, or could implement drug tests safely and reliably on organs-on-chips in the laboratory, making animal experiments unnecessary.

COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum attracted visitors

The accompanying trade forum is regarded as an international meeting place for experts and was again very well received by the visitors: more than 1000 visitors attended the presentations within 11 international sessions on all four days of the fair. The company pitch sessions on „Equipment Manufacturer meets Component Manufacturer“ and the session on „Digitalization of Medical Equipment“ were particularly well attended.

„The main challenge at the moment is to bring the right component and device manufacturers into contact with each other,“ explains Dr. Thomas Dietrich, Managing Director of IVAM. „The COMPAMED consistently offers good opportunities for this, both in our community area and at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum.

Collaborations with medical technology companies from Japan

The topic of cooperation and business initiation was very present this year at COMPAMED and MEDICA. For example, three well-attended sessions at the forum gave insights into the Japanese research landscape and provided information about medical technology from Japan and potential interests of Japanese companies for the European medical technology market. During COMPAMED, numerous organized business meetings were held at the joint booth of Fukushima Prefecture and initial cooperation was initiated.

Already high demand for 2020

The exhibiting companies and institutes of the IVAM area were again highly satisfied with the visitors of COMPAMED. The majority of exhibitors rated the quantity and quality of the leads as „good“ or „excellent“. A number of companies have already registered directly on-site for renewed participation in 2020. Information on the participation opportunities for the IVAM Product Market „High-tech for Medical Devices“ at COMPAMED 2020 can be found at

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