Booming medical technology market attracts international exhibitors to the MD&M West in California

The MD&M West in Anaheim is the largest exhibition for medical design and manufacturing in the US. Visitors mainly include developers and decision-makers from the manufacturing industry of medical technology.

AEMtec GmbH provides complex microsystems and optoelectronics for medical applications. The company offers development and production services for new product integration or re-design for medical devices. AEMtec provides a variety of assembly and packaging technologies in cleanroom environment (wafer back-end processes, bare die and flip chip bonding, Au and Al wire bonding, SMT, assembly of optical components, 3D integration) and box build. Through years of experience, AEMtec has positioned itself as a proven partner for the manufacture of complex products requiring a high level of quality and reliability.

ams Sensors Germany GmbH, will show its components of the world’s smallest digital camera: the NanEye miniature camera module. Measuring just 1×1 mm in size, the NanEye sensor provides a true system on chip camera head with fully self-timed readout sequencing. The sensor is ideal for non-invasive internal viewing and provides delay-free, smooth video for clinicians working in areas such as endoscopy and laparoscopy.

BYTEC Medizintechnik GmbH is an owner-managed contract service provider and has been developing and manufacturing medical devices and turn-key systems for the areas of surgery, therapy and diagnostics for more than 25 years. The company provides core know-how of efficient product engineering, tailored hard- and software development, project management, preparation of risk analysis, documentation, CE and FDA support, international standard manufacturing and service.

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH is building equipment for coating, printing and laminating for substrates like textile, film and glass and many more. In the medical and pharmaceutical market Coatema is building equipment to produce transdermal systems, yarn coating, microfluidics and for the coating of plasters and other wound care materials. From the small test system up to production equipment Coatema offers a versatile and modular design concept.

CorTec GmbH presents its silicone electrode AirRay which offers high-data acquisition and stimulation in the central and peripheral nervous system at the fair. Thanks to a patented laser structuring process the electrode has a high density of contacts, is thin and soft and available in individual designs. CorTec’s hermetic encapsulation technology is suited to house a wide range of electronic implants. It is designed to enable wireless communication for long-term applications. CorTec is creating individualized components of highest quality featuring high precision, high flexibility in design and a high number of channels.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM will present various microfluidic devices for e.g. multiplex real-time PCR (Simplex), rapid real time PCR (Moving Plug) and on-line titration (SimTIT) for point-of-care diagnostics. Another focus will be on rigid and flexible multisite microelectrode arrays for neural signal recording and stimulation and a silicon-based 3D force sensor for tactile sensing. Areas of application are neuroprosthetics, neuro-navigation, neuroscience and neurosurgery. Furthermore, the encapsulation of bio-active agents in batch/flow for controlled drug delivery will be presented.

JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC presents specific OEM system and applications solutions for the healthcare & life science sector. These include high-performance lasers (e.g. medical lasers, swept source lasers and high power green lasers) and polymer-based optoelectronic sub-systems, involving lens systems, micro-optics and optoelectronics especially for analysis, diagnostics, therapy, endoscopy, ophthalmology and dermatology. Examples are surgical guidance systems, digital endoscopes, diffractive and refractive optical elements, silicon photonics systems or polymer optics.

Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH is an OEM system supplier and service provider for the precision engineering and electronics on high standard. From the development, construction, manufacturing and assembly the company offers various and comprehensive services.

Kashima Bearings Inc. machines unique plastic ball-bearings and bushings for use in industrial environments. The plastic bearings have 5 major characteristics: they do not rust, do not require lubricants, ignore magnetic fields, resist chemical changes and insulate components from electrical contact. Kashima Bearings manufactures plastic bearings for almost all metal-standard sizes, as well as the most unique sizes and shapes. The bearings are e.g. used for MRI, antiseptic equipment, serological testing apparatuses, anesthesia apparatuses and others.

Micro Systems UK is a specialist in medical, biotech and optical micro-molding solutions, including molds, plastic parts and complete systems for drug delivery, medical diagnostics, surgery and inhalation. Further capabilities include ultra-precision multicavity molds and nanostructuring, manufacturing in high and medium quantities to suit customer requirements.

Micronit Microtechnologies B.V. produces micro- and nanotechnologies and presents innovative lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions at the fair. Products for the fields of DNA analysis, medical devices and components for analytical instrumentation and space technology are produced using Microfluidics and MEMS expertise from design through prototyping to manufacturing. Micronit uses and combines materials such as glass, polymer and silicon. The company provides consulting and producing from design over prototype development to production.

NISINO SEIKI CO., LTD. meets customers’ needs through a consolidated value for prototyping and processing of parts by providing a wide variety of solutions through sheet metal processing, pressing and lathe machining with latest equipment and manufacturing systems. The company offers products as small as a sesame seed by fine pressing technology manufactured quickly at low cost and is able to deliver small lot orders ranging from 1 to 1000 units. NISINO has experience of overseas shipment as well. The product application fields cover e.g. medical, optical and automotive industry.

Osypka Medtec Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and is dedicated to work with medical device manufacturers and suppliers to manufacture innovative, high-quality product solutions. The company provides device technology using the latest state-of-the-art design, manufacturing equipment and methods to meet customers’ expectations, while maintaining compliance with regulations and industrial standards. Osypka has the capability to design, develop, validate and manufacture finished medical implants, including AIMD.

Seleon GmbH has been providing engineering and manufacturing in the medical device sector for 19 years. The company offers experience in engineering and manufacturing, device development, international product certification support and production as a one-stop-shop.

SmartMembranes GmbH produces high-ordered porous materials from alumina and silicon with defined and adjustable membrane properties and structure parameters. Potential applications are found in the fields of filtration, sensor technology and diagnostics (biochips). Defined surface functionalization enables the membranes to be used in micro reactors or electrode material (Li-ion batteries) or rather as surface structuring via imprint methods. SmartMembranes manufactures not only membranes on customers’ request, but also develops processes and products around the core business.

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