Noise pollution is considered to be a major environmental
concern in today‘s world. The problem of noise exposure
is particularly acute for people who work on machining
processes in the manufacturing industry. This situation could
be significantly improved by developing quieter tools. In the
»Bionic Silent Cut« innovation network, Fraunhofer IAO is
working with Fraunhofer LBF and with manufacturers of
machines and components used in machining and material
removal processes to draw inspiration from nature that could
help create ideas and solutions for reducing exposure to
Many different strategies are used in nature to reduce noise
and vibrations. Examples include increasing stiffness through
the use of micro and macro structures, vibration dampers that
make use of adaptive dampers, and decoupling vibrations
using hybrid materials. This highly promising approach offers
a broad range of potential applications and is modeled on the
surface structure of the tropical pitcher plant. In the future,
scientists are hoping to use this example from nature to create
a vibration-damping layer between metal-to-metal joint faces
in tool components. The separating layer is micro-nano porous
and is coated in a sound-absorbing liquid. The micro and
nanopores create an extremely strong adhesive bond with
the sound-absorbing liquid, and this hybrid surface quality
(metal + sound-dampening liquid) can be used for acoustic
decoupling in a wide range of different ways.
The partners in the »Bionic Silent Cut« innovation network
are conducting experimental and numerical research into this
and other methods. Their work is facilitated by the expertise
of Fraunhofer IAO in the field of bionics and the comprehensive
knowledge of Fraunhofer LBF in the field of noise and
vibration reduction.
Partners and other interested parties who would like to find
out more about the »Bionic Silent Cut« innovation network
can request access to an online information platform. Visitors
to this special partner site will gain useful insights into the
current research units established at Fraunhofer LBF to study
noise and vibration reduction. The platform also provides
more details on the potential that bionics may offer to help
tackle noise and vibration. As well as consulting up-to-date
information, visitors can also pose questions related to these
issues and participate in discussions.
To request access to the online information platform, please
use the contact details specified below. Please note that all
requests must be submitted by April 30 at the latest.

Fraunhofer IAO, Truong Le, Denis Horn
Phone +49 711 970-2108, -5132

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