BioKryo GmbH at the BIOTECHNICA 2011

The BioKryo GmbH presents a novel electronic rack for automatical identification and logging of cryopreserved samples as part of their innovative cryostorage technology at the BIOTECHNICA fair. The documentation of the storage process is fully automated and occurs in a special database. The Perma Cryo sample tubes identify and register themselves automatically into the database using their built-in memory chips. Thus, a 100% sample identification is guaranteed.

Additionally the BioKryo GmbH provides, together with other cooperation partners, diagnostic and logistic services like the HLA-typification or a worldwide dispatch of samples. The BioKryo GmbH possesses a manufacturing license according to § 20c AMG for the storage of e. g. tissues or therapeutic stem cell lines and therefore we are able to provide a GMP compliant storage service.

Biological samples are stored below -150°C using liquid nitrogen as cryogenic agent during the cryopreservation. This temperature range completely inhibits all metabolic activities of living cells and thus enables the storage of these cells beyond a human life cycle for later therapeutical use.

Please find the BioKryo GmbH from October 11 to 13, 2011 as Fraunhofer IBMT´s co-exhibitor at hall 10 booth 9. The BIOTECHNICA fair is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe for biotechnology and life sciences industry. We are pleased to welcome you.

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