1st Bakers’ Day at ttz Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, February 2014. Innovations in the baking industry are the key to business success. Against this background, ttz Bremerhaven is inviting players from the industry to its 1st Bakers’ Day on 26th – 27th of March 2014 to be held in the recently expanded facilities of BILB, the Institute of Baking Technology. Equipment manufacturers, suppliers, scientists and bakers will meet here to discuss new processes and technologies. The workshop will comprise both introductory lectures as well as practical presentations of state-of-the-art equipment and processes in the BILB’s newly extended Technical Unit.
Ovens and other baking equipment, kneading and laminating as well as climate technologies for energy efficiency and optimal product quality are the focus of the practical demonstrations.

In addition, experts will give presentations in English and German. The accompanying programme and the evening event will provide plenty of opportunity for an exchange of experience, as well as for renewing old contacts and making new ones. The workshop is open to everyone interested in baking technologies. More information about the programme and details of how to register can be found online under .

In the spring of 2014, ttz Bremerhaven added an extension to its Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering and modernized existing buildings. The Senator for Economic Affairs funded the expansion of the Institute’s research and development activities with € 2.7 million.

Further training for skilled personnel in the baking industry

The “Baking Technology Driver’s Licence” is a series of seminars run by ttz Bremerhaven to help bakeries to optimize their professional expertise in all areas of production. In the near future it will be possible to hold these classes on site at ttz Bremerhaven’s premises. What do I have to do so that my pastry products are of the best possible quality? And how can I make production more energy efficient? The latest methods and techniques will be presented in seven different categories. Training topics are stirring and kneading technology, refrigeration technologies, bread sensorics, product and pastry development, intelligent oven control and energy monitoring, fermentation processes as well as quality assurance and food preservation.

ttz Bremerhaven is an independent research institute and performs application-related research and development. Under the umbrella of ttz Bremerhaven, an international team of experts is working in the fields of food, environment and health. ttz has assisted enterprises of all sizes for over 25 years in the planning and implementation of innovation projects and the corresponding acquisition of funding at national and European level.

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