15th ICC 2012: FIZ CHEMIE presents the reaction databases ChemInform® RX und SPORE

“From fundamental understanding to catalyst design and novel processes” is the main topic of the 15th ICC 2012 in Munich (July 1-6), where researchers from academia and industry will share their latest results and discuss the newest developments in all areas of catalysis.

FIZ CHEMIE will be demonstrating its reaction databases ChemInform® RX (CIRX) and Solid Phase Organic Reactions (SPORE) at the accompanying exhibition in the ICM Foyer, booth A12A. CIRX contains more than 1.5 million reactions published since 1990. The database supports researchers in developing new synthetic strategies and the preparation of novel compounds. Structure and substructure queries can be combined with other parameters such as catalyst, reagent, yield, or enantiomeric excess and will deliver the desired results in short time. SPORE lists 47000 reactions from 7000 publications and patents. It is a specialized database to plan and customize synthetic pathways via polymer-bound organic compounds, with extensive data on each individual reaction.

Unique to CIRX and SPORE the reaction retrieved is highlighted by a full reaction scheme showing the results in context of the whole publication thus allowing an efficient and quick evaluation of the scope and limitations of this particular reaction. This service is based on the historic print media background of CIRX; the well-known ChemInform Journal available from Wiley-VCH.

FIZ CHEMIE is currently developing a new web-based retrieval system for CIRX and SPORE. A first version of the new, more user-friendly interface will be presented in Munich. Strong efforts will be made to meet the customers’ expectations and wishes. FIZ CHEMIE invites delegates and visitors of the 15th ICC 2012 to contribute to the development of this interface with their suggestions by filling in a questionnaire either at the booth or online.

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FIZ CHEMIE is a non-profit organization supported by the German federal and state governments with the primary task of providing high-quality chemical information services to people working in science, education and industry. FIZ CHEMIE maintains relationships with research and information institutes in Germany and abroad and has marketing agreements with partner organizations around the world. The technical information center is committed to the advancement and integration of specialized information for chemistry at national and international levels. FIZ CHEMIE is an institute for the scientific infrastructure in the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Science Association (WGL).

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